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Our project to refurbish stone houses in the historical centre of Calaceite has followed the criteria of our Antique House Spain model, addressing specific demand for residential properties that specifically values the following concepts:

  • Houses that have been refurbished artisanally with top-quality finishings and are ready to be occupied
  • Found in calm rural areas that have the main basic services
  • Located in areas with a wealth of natural and architectural beauty

Calaceite is located in the county of Matarraña (Teruel), near the border with Catalonia. It has good transport connections but is off the beaten track of mass tourism. To discover its architectural wealth, just walk into the historical town centre, which is considered the largest and most well conserved in the area. It features palatial homes that give visitors a glimpse of its splendour in the 17th and 18th centuries. The town has fewer than 1,100 inhabitants, who mainly work in agriculture. Specifically, they grow olives to produce the local extra virgin olive oil that is of renowned quality and has won awards at national and international competitions. The town has all the basic services, plus a 24-hour medical centre.

Calaceite, with no polluting industries nearby, is part of an exceptional natural environment known as the “Tuscany of Spain”, near the Parque Natural dels Ports, Parque Natural del Parrisal, the crystalline waters of rivers such as the Ulldemó in La Pesquera, waterfalls in Tastavins or Matarraña, with its source in Parrisal, after which the county is named. There are also many other beautiful natural landscapes that are perfect for walking, 4x4 trips or adventure sports. For those who prefer hiking, cycling or horseback riding, the Via Verde (path along the old rail lines) is perfect for these activities. There are several different companies that specialise in organising all of these activities.

The town’s origins go back to the time under Moorish rule, more than 1,000 years ago, but the area around the town has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as can be seen in the Iberian settlements just 1 kilometre away. Calaceite is the cultural capital of Matarraña County and offers many activities organised by different groups. The Juan Cabré museum hosts interesting exhibitions, as well as a permanent archaeological collection with objects from the Iberians. There are also exhibitions and books for sale at Arts&Mes. Calaceite was and is still a reference point for writers, painters, musicians and other artists, who often visit in the summer months.

The local culinary style is based on simple, tasty recipes made with local produce, which the popular restaurant Fonda Alcalá (1922) prepares exquisitely.

In 1974 Calaceite was named a Conservation Area and in 2014, one of The most beautiful towns in Spain.